Asbestos products are present in many Australian buildings and pose a significant risk for workers in the construction industry. Similarly, crystalline silica (found in many building products used within the construction industry) is listed as a hazardous chemical in the WHS Regulations and poses a significant risk to workers if not appropriately controlled. Awareness training on how to work safely around both asbestos and silica products is needed, even if workers are not tasked with removing or handling either.

Asbestos and Silica Awareness training will prepare construction staff who may come into contact with ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) and minimise exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS). It helps managers and workers recognise and avoid exposure to dangerous situations and comply with legislative and licensing requirements for Asbestos and managing possible exposure to RCS.

PeopleSafe Australia’s 3.5hr Asbesots and Silica Awareness course includes theory and practical demonstrations, using safely packaged asbestos and silica samples and can be delivered either face to face or remotely via Zoom.

Course Topics:

  • History of asbestos and silica use in Australia.
  • Types of asbestos and silica products and where they were and (in the case of silica) still being used in construction.
  • Health effects of asbestos and silica products.
  • WHS legislative and licensing requirements for removal and disposal of asbestos and working with silica products.
  • WHS Documentation required when working around silica dust and/or removing asbestos.
  • Controlling risks associated with asbestos products and silica dust.

Who should complete Asbestos and Silica Awareness Training?

This course is suitable for managers and workers who may come into contact with Asbestos and Silica in the Workplace.

Please note that if you plan to carry out friable and non-friable asbestos removal you need formal training and a SafeWork NSW licence.

Booking Information

Course Duration: 3.5 hours

Delivery methods: On site (face to face) for corporate groups. We can also deliver to your group via Zoom.

On-site courses can be delivered in Sydney and across NSW. Our trainers can travel to other areas in Australia.

Inclusions: Training with a qualified and experienced instructor, quality course notes, assessment, and a Certificate of Attendance in Asbestos and Silica Awareness.

Class sizes: This course is available for groups of up to 15 per class.

CPD Points: 3

To find out more or register, simply call us on 02-9501-1516, or  Request a Quote

Client feedback

“Great training, very helpful with all questions” S.Eliai – BESIX Watpac.

“Anyone working with any products containing silica or asbestos should do this course” A. Passau – Aqualand.