How to Write a SWMS training

No longer do SWMSs need to be the size of an encyclopaedia!

The ‘How to Write a Safe Work Method Statement for High Risk Construction Work’ course introduces your employees and contractors to the new, simplified SWMS format called up under clause 299 of the WHS Regulations 2017. It will give them the skills and knowledge to confidently write, review and check compliance of both Principal Contractor’s and Sub-Contractor’s SWMSs.

This short, practical course, includes inter-active course exercises and is suitable for all levels of the workforce in the building and construction industry. The session is delivered for your company group on site or via Zoom.

Key Training Topics – How to Write a SWMS for High Risk Construction Work


  1. Introduction to WHS Risk Management
    An introduction to the risk management process, including hazard identification, assessing risk and choosing strong, suitable controls, based on the hierarchy of controls. The importance of allocating responsibility for ensuring the controls are implemented and followed, is also covered.
  2. WHS Legislation and SWMSs
    Gain an understanding of when SWMSs for high risk construction work, are required and what should be included in them. A simplified SWMS format (compliant with clause 299 of the WHS Regulation 2017) is presented.
  3. Writing and reviewing SWMSs
    Participants practice writing and reviewing a SWMS for their workplace using a simplified SWMS template. Learn how to make SWMSs simple and easy to understand, so they are used and followed in the workplace.
  4. Safe Work Procedures
    A brief introduction to Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) and how they can be used to complement SWMSs. Many activities that do not fall under the definition of high risk construction work, can be managed via SWPs.
  5. Checking Safe Work Method Statements for compliance
    Why and how you should check SWMSs for compliance and what to do, if they’re not being followed.

Course Details:

Course Duration: 3.5 hours

Delivery methods: This training is available for company groups and can be delivered face-to-face at your site or via Zoom.

On-site courses can be delivered in Sydney and across NSW. Our trainers can travel to Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.

Inclusions: Training with a qualified and experienced instructor, quality course notes, and a certificate of attendance in How to Write a SWMS for High Risk Construction Work.

Class sizes: Up to 15 participants per class.

CPD Points: 4

To find out more or register, simply call us on 02-9501-1516, or  Request a Quote

What our clients say:

“Excellent course. Very informative and relevant to our needs”.
S.Helson, Watpac

“Reference material that was handed out to us was great for future use. Very practical and useful information”.
S.McClure, MPA

“Trainer kept the class interested the entire time. The training was successful and I would recommend”.
J.Taylor, Favcote

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