These Short WHS workshops (also known as toolbox talks or safety workshops) are a great way to familiarise your staff and supervisors with your organisation´s policies and procedures. Each workshop can be customised to your company’s needs and usually take the format of an introductory DVD, an overview of your relevant HR policy and/or procedure and a short practical exercise to confirm understanding. Due to their practical nature, it is recommended that workshops have a maximum of 15 participants each. Safety workshops currently available include:

– General Office Safety
– Hazard Identification
– Ergonomics
– Harassment and Discrimination
– Managing Stress
– Healthy Eating and Exercise
– Emergency Response Procedures Workshop
– Workplace Hazardous Substances
– How to Conduct safety Inductions for New Employees

If you require a specific health and safety workshop for your workplace, contact us and we can develop one for you.


1 1/2 to 2 hours


On site at your location.


Quality course notes and reference material.
Attainment certificate.


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