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PeopleSafe Australia is committed to helping you improve your workplace health and safety. Tap into our expertise when you need it, with the latest systems, strategies and training programs.

Our consulting services, provided by our qualified and experienced personnel can save you time and help you:

  • Meet your legal obligations
  • Increase safety awareness within the organisation
  • Contribute towards the reduction of workplace incidents
  • Show your organisation’s commitment to Workplace Health and Safety

Safety Management System Services

Many companies have the basic components of a Corporate Safety Management System but often it is an ad hoc collection of policies and procedures and a few forms put together by someone a few years ago (that is no longer with the company!). Others haven’t found the time to put anything together but know they need something in place. If either of the above scenarios sounds familiar, it’s because they are common.

If you don’t have a properly documented corporate or project safety management system, you can take advantage of our pre-existing intellectual property and experienced staff to assist you in developing a simple, practical, user-friendly system. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and customise the system to meet your individual requirements. We can also help you roll the system out via short training workshops to ensure your staff understand how to use it.

A regular review of your corporate safety management system is essential to ensure it is kept up to date with WHS legislation, remains practical and is being complied with. Our experienced auditors can undertake a detailed review of your corporate safety management system and identify areas of vulnerability and make recommendations for improvement. The review can be part of a formal audit schedule, a gap analysis, or a pre-certification audit.

Our consultants can undertake an audit of your System against AS/NZS 4804:2001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and most other Auditing Standards.

Unfortunately, many safety management systems, once written, sit on a shelf and gather dust. As a consequence, many of the policies and procedures are not being complied with. Our compliance audits are designed to improve site compliance with both statutory WHS legislation and your organisation’s Safety Management System. This increases transparency, allows performance to be tracked and improves due diligence.
Common compliance audits include checking adherence to documented controls such as company safety procedures and positive % compliance with personal safety equipment.