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Occupational health and safety training
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OHS training
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Incident Investigation Training
Incident Investigation is a one day course and is designed to give participants a greater understanding of the steps involved with both internal and external accident investigations. Participants will analyse real-life accident scenarios and practice Immediate Action Drills (IAD's) on hypothetical accidents. It looks at both reactive and (more importantly) pro-active approaches to incident management.

Course Outline:
- Overview of WHS Legislation
- Accident Statistics
- Types of Reportable Incidents
- Non-disturbance procedures
- External Investigations
- Self Incrimination and Legal Professional Privilege
- Prosecution Case Studies
- Internal Investigations
- Root Cause Analysis
- Immediate Action Drills

Who should attend incident investigation training?
This course is designed for anyone responsible for investigating and/or analysing incidents or tasked with developing corrective action to prevent re-occurrences. As this responsibility normally falls on most line managers, this course is essential for anyone who supervises others.

What our clients say..
"I was complimented this morning by the CM and others for acquiring such an excellent trainer! The guys enjoyed their training which is great."
Stephen Edwards Constructions (Virginia Russell, Training Manager).

"Brilliant trainer" Sydney Opera House (Fire Safety Officer).
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