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OHS training
OHS training
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Wellness Programs
3 hours
In house at your location.
-Training for up to 15 staff
-Attainment certificate.
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Employee Health and Wellness Programs
Good health and fitness amongst your staff can lead to:
- increased productivity
- improved morale
- greater staff retention
- reduced absenteeism

PeopleSafe Australia´s health and wellness programs identify the key areas of wellbeing, including exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. We offer practical guidance on how to apply this knowledge to our busy lives and can tailor training specifically for your company needs.

Presented by a health and safety consultants with over 20yrs practical experience in the areas of personal health and wellbeing, this interactive workshop uses proven medical and physiological fact and applies it to everyday life and the workplace.

This training is beneficial in today's competitive work environment, where poor employee health can be more costly than a major safety incident.

Course outline:
- Nutrition
- Exercise
- Stress Management

Who should attend Health and Wellness programs?
This training is designed for both employees and supervisors who want to take better care of themselves or others.
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